We at Sanitization Experts provide customized sanitization services suited for both the indoors and outdoors, getting rid of viruses, bacteria, and other germs present on surfaces, water, and air. Our team works to provide customized sanitization solutions tailored to meet the needs of your establishment

What we use

We only use water-based disinfectants that leave no harmful chemical residue, and the CDC, WHO, and FDA, approves these for use.

How it works

The chemical solutions target the cell walls and DNA of the microorganisms, which hinders reproduction and consequently eliminating them from surfaces, water, and air.

Our Team

Sanitization Experts has several highly trained workers who come equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and thereby ensuring no recontamination of treated areas.

Express Sanitization Tunnel

Express Sanitization Tunnel Features:

•Motion censors with 2 meter accuracy
•Instant Evaporating biomist
•Eco Friendly Solution
•100% Biodegradable Mist
•Low Sanitizer Consumption
•1 Year After Sales Service*
•No drainage required

Why Sanitize Today?

When you get home or in your office, part of the best way to minimize your exposure to the disease known as COVID-19 is to sanitize and disinfect your building.

Washing your hands frequently is one of the best steps you can take, but the virus can still cling to surfaces you carry with you into your sanctuary, like your clothes, shoes, debit card and even your phone, and these may contaminate your immediate environment.

Fortunately, we at Sanitization Experts have an assortment of government-approved products that are considered effective at killing the virus. A cleaner environment will result in healthier individuals and a more productive country as a whole

More about our services

Dry steam sanitization technique is an effective way to eliminate viruses and bacteria suspended in the air or
deposited on the surfaces.
– Targets microorganisms and pathogens.
– It creates a protective layer to control post contamination.
– Biodegradable
– Ultra-fine, non-wetting aerosols that are possible to use on office equipment and machinery.
– Green chemicals that are safe to use.






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