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Sanitization Express Tunnel – It’s Benefits and Usage

Sanitization Express Tunnel – It’s Benefits and Usage Amidst the breakout of an unexpected pandemic of COVID -19, the fight against this pandemic has taken a whole new turn which has led to the introduction of Sanitization Express Tunnels. Earlier,… Continue Reading…

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Top 7 questions to ask while hiring the best sanitisation service in Gurgaon NCR

It is not an easy task to keep your office sanitised regularly, but it will get more difficult if you do not take help from a commercial sanitisation service. You can find several professional sanitisation companies offering various facilities for… Continue Reading…

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How to keep office sanitised [+Bonus: Safety from Covid-19]

It is imperative to keep your office clean and aseptic. Especially after this COVID-19 outbreak, you must sanitise and disinfect your workspace to maintain the hygiene and ensure the well-being of the employees. Hiring an office sanitisation service will help… Continue Reading…

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Difference between Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfection

The pandemic caused by the virus COVID 19 has put the entire world on a halt. It’s highly infectious nature makes it necessary to maintain high hygiene standards to prevent the spread of this virus. It commonly spreads from common… Continue Reading…

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Covid-19: A Life Threatening Predator

We are witnessing an increase in the number of positive Covid-19 cases each passing day despite of practising social distancing and taking every possible precaution. In such worrisome times it is indeed a question to ask: How to keep yourself… Continue Reading…

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