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Difference between Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfection

The pandemic caused by the virus COVID 19 has put the entire world on a halt. It’s highly infectious nature makes it necessary to maintain high hygiene standards to prevent the spread of this virus. It commonly spreads from common areas accessible by a large public such as schools, hospitals, offices, supermarkets and nursing homes. The life of this virus on various surfaces is several days which makes it necessary to clean and maintain surfaces accessible in public places to avoid it from further spreading.

Some of the commonly spread diseases are as follows:

  • Coronavirus
  • Influenza
  • coli
  • Avian Influenza.
  • Swine flu
  • MRSA
  • Norovirus

Difference between Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfection

Our Delhi and NCR offices (Noida and Gurgaon) often receive queries from households and commercial clients expressing their confusion between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitization and which method is best for containing Coronavirus. 

The process of Cleaning involves using basic detergents or soap to free a surface from dirt and other impurities. This does not get ridof a large class of germs but reduces the risk of infection.

Sanitization, however, reduces the number of germs on surfaces to a safe level which is acceptable by public health standards or requirements.

Whereas Disinfection involves the use of chemicals to kill microbes on surfaces. This process may not clean a surface or remove dirt from itbut killing germs onsurfaces post cleaning further reduces the risk of spreading infections.

What is  Cold fogging Disinfection treatment and how it works

Manual sanitization is one of the best ways of dealing with microbial infections on surfaces but to top it with aerial disinfection is an optimal approach for eliminating infectious airborne contaminants. Using Virex II 256 Diversey with cold Fogging for disinfection is an excellent method for cleaning areas that are inaccessible with manual sanitization. This method produces micron size droplets (up to 5 microns) of disinfectant and biocides which land under and around the sides of objects that cannot be accessed otherwise. These micro droplets remain dispersed in the air for around 10 minutes and penetrate into locations thus providing with excellent levels of disinfection. Research has shown that this method is far superior for cleaning places which are publically accessible amongst the other disinfection methods.

The benefits of Disinfection treatment with cold fogging method.

  • It is an excellent method for containing disease outbreak that requires quick response.
  • Best suited to offices since large areas can be rapidly cleaned which reduces downtime.
  • Offices can be reoccupied faster since the closedown time, post-cleaning, is only 2 hours.
  • The services can either be perceived on a routine or response basis to provide more flexibility to the customers.

The Indian National Center for Disease Control advices that in densely populated areas such as Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and other NCR regions, the frequency of aerial disinfection treatments should be kept high in treating frequently accessed spots in offices, businesses and households where the chances of microbial load are high.

There is a wide range of virucidals in India that work against a wide range of nasty and stubborn microbes among which the hospital-grade disinfectants are considered most potent. These can be used in hospitals, offices, pharmacies, schools, home kitchens, restaurants, etc.

“No cleaning and disinfection protocol is perfect” but by taking the necessary precautions one can reduce the chances of COVID 19 spread as stated by CDC India. If traditional cleaning practices are combined with disinfection fumigation for cleaning commercial or residential areas, it can help reduce the spread of COVID 19. It is advisable by CDC India to regularly and properly clean ‘high-touch’ and ‘high foot-fall’ areas such company offices with BPO set up. Similar to containment of any disease spread, the COVID 19 transmission and spread can be dramatically reduced by practicing good hygiene and frequent disinfection.

The pace of measures involved for contagious disease spread lies in the speed of the disinfection measures. Fast cold fogging and disinfection stops can stop the spread quickly.

Why Sanitization Experts specialist disinfection services?

Disinfection Services Specialist

We are pioneers in disinfection and sanitization treatments with a large and diverse clientele over Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and NCR. We can help your family and business cope with this pandemic situation by providing effective, fast and safe disinfection and sanitization services which even comply with the health and safety guidelines listen by WHO. The disinfection services specially developed to cope with COVID 19 enables us to sanitize large areas at shorter time scales which also minimizes the downtime to your business.Additionally, our decontamination and Disinfection Fumigation services are either available on a routine basis or as supplementary ones to our other services.

To minimise on-site risk of infection, we have associated with suppliers to use a variety of disinfectants to eliminate any lingering surface microbes. Our step-up disinfection services involves disinfection and sanitization of high-touch or high-footfall surfaces such as laminated, stainless, painted porous and polished granite surfaces. We also ensure the sense of complete sanitization by eliminating any nasty odours leaving the surfaces smelling fresh.


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