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How to keep office sanitised [+Bonus: Safety from Covid-19]

It is imperative to keep your office clean and aseptic. Especially after this COVID-19 outbreak, you must sanitise and disinfect your workspace to maintain the hygiene and ensure the well-being of the employees. Hiring an office sanitisation service will help you to sanitise office professionally. Let’s check out the significant points on how to keep your office disinfected properly—

1.    Products used for sanitisation

The entire process of disinfecting takes nearly 30 minutes to be completed. But sanitisation can be done within 30 seconds, where it can eliminate the germs from any surface efficiently. Any substance that can kill 99.9% of bacteriais considered a good sanitizer. Lysol and Clorox are widely used for sanitisation. However, highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol can give better results in 30 seconds of exposure.

2.    Sanitisation is must before and after touch

Most of the bacteria and viruses transmitted through touching objects. It is quite known that Coronavirus can communicate through touches. When you touch an infected object and then touch your face unconsciously, the germs may enter your body. Therefore, it is essential to sanitise the objects used in your office before and after every touch. If possible, hire a commercialsanitisation service for sanitising daily.

3.    Objects to be sanitised

You must sanitise all the necessary objects required for daily use in the office, including keyboards, pens, notepads, paperclips, etc. Do not forget to disinfect your desk-arts and objects of the restroom. Also, the printer, copier, lamination machine, and the staplers of the copy room need to be adequately sanitized. Besides these objects, you must sanitise the top, vertical, and edge surfaces of all the counters and desks.

4.    Time to disinfect

It needs longer to disinfect than to sanitise. Disinfecting needs around 30 minutes, but all the viruses can be removed from the surface by disinfecting. During the time of disinfecting, it is mandatory to isolate that section of the office, and you should not start working there until and unless the whole process is done. You should disinfect the office according to the in-office traffic.

5.    Make your employees stay sanitised

To ensure that every employee sanitise their hands at a regular interval, you should keep a hand-sanitizer station near the central doorway and hallway. You can use funny images to encourage the employees for sanitisation. Also, giving a pep-talk and passing out the hand lotion can serve the purpose. Make sure adequate sanitizer is available all the time and provide sanitising wipes to the employees and visitors to make it successful.

6.    Encourage to wear face masks

Using face masks is also can be treated as a part of office sanitisation. Different employees come from different places via different transports. So, you can provide masks to them so that they can cover their face to protect themselves from the germs. If there is a shortage of masks, you can encourage your team to wear bandanas or homemade masks.



Now that you know why it is essential to keep your office sanitised!So, choose the best sanitisation service in Gurgaon NCR and have a healthy and clean workplace to work safely.

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