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Sanitization Express Tunnel – It’s Benefits and Usage

Sanitization Express Tunnel – It’s Benefits and Usage

Amidst the breakout of an unexpected pandemic of COVID -19, the fight against this pandemic has taken a whole new turn which has led to the introduction of Sanitization Express Tunnels. Earlier, the rising number of COVID cases led us to introspect our ways of dealing with this situation and coming up with solutions that are technologically well-constructed and reliable.

It resulted in creating awareness towards the need for sanitization as a method to tackle this widespread threat to humanity. As an outcome of this came the currentsanitization express tunnels that is what safeguards us from the coronavirus.

Why the Need of Sanitization Express Tunnel?

The best way to stay safe is to take the necessary precautionary measures, and Express Tunnels are precisely the setup that we require to make this possible. Washing your hands with sanitizers or cleaning your body after having gone out of your house is a must. Though in public places such as markets or even government offices where the probability of having more number of people gathered is quite high, we do require something more than just washing hands. Replacing the hand sanitizers with Express Tunnels in such locations is quite beneficial as a thoroughly sanitizing solution is sprayed all over the person to get rid of any possible traces of the virus.

Prime Features of Express Sanitization Tunnel

To have a better understanding of why exactly we require these installations, one must definitely have a look at its beneficial features that confirm the idea of having these tunnels installed in several locations.

1.    Photoelectric sensors with adjustable time

Being fully equipped with the photoelectric sensors with adjustable time, these sanitization tunnels are fully automatic in nature. These highly accurate sensors are responsible for sensing the presence of a person in the tunnel. Once identified, it quickly automates the spray which runs for about a pre-defined period. After time out, the spray is automatically turned off.

Now, the best part of having incorporated these time adjustable sensors is that it eliminates the waste of solution and does not unnecessarily spray it when there is no one in the tunnel. And a reduction in wastage of solution also means a great deal of saving in electricity.

2.    Instant Evaporating Bio mist

The solution used for spraying as a process of sanitization is purely an instant evaporating bio mistthatdoes not bring you any kind of discomfort after its application. On the contrary, this solution helps as a disinfectant to protect your clothes and body from the virus for a substantial amount of time.

The disinfectant being a solution of non-harming chemicals make sure that the surfaces they land on are set free from harmful bacteria and viruses.

3.    Eco-Friendly Solution

Helping the community battle against the COVID – 19 pandemic has now become a significant concern for the state as well as central government. However, the solutions coming up must definitely not comprise with the purity of nature. And this is what exactly the sanitization tunnels work on.

The solution sprayed as a disinfectant is entirely environment friendly which distributes to another factor as to why the usage of this installation is now an utmost necessity. Technological solutions that ensure sustainability is the key to living a better life.

4.    100% Biodegradable Mist

The bio mist used as a solution in the express tunnels are fully biodegradable and do not show any signs of accumulation over time that could pose a threat to the environment. Though the chemicals used have been quite a debatable topic till date, it is evident that the ones used are certified for their application.

5.    Low Sanitizer Consumption

One of the most excellent benefits of using this superior technology tunnel is that it reciprocates an impressive level of efficiency that is displayed in its sanitizer usage values. Moreover, with a meticulously calculated discharge rate and the use of applicable parts ensures low sanitizer consumption at all phases.

6.    No drainage Required

As has been discussed earlier, the solution used is instantly evaporated.As a result of which, the installation does not require any kinds of drainage setup for draining the excessive solution that could have been accumulated otherwise. Moreover, the use of sensors too helps to achieve the motive better.

7.    Heavy Duty Structure

The sturdy SS structure of this installation is pretty much transportable with an ever so sturdy frame that is long-lasting. Irrespective of the usage time and place, the top-notch material used makes it possible to work for a longer duration.


Some Final Words

So, given all the benefits of installing this yet another astonishing marvel of technology, we are now ready to fight this prolonged battle against COVID-19. Take this great initiative of installing Sanitization Express Tunnels as a necessary precaution against Coronavirus!

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