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Top 7 questions to ask while hiring the best sanitisation service in Gurgaon NCR

It is not an easy task to keep your office sanitised regularly, but it will get more difficult if you do not take help from a commercial sanitisation service. You can find several professional sanitisation companies offering various facilities for sanitisation of your office. But choosing the right office sanitisation service is a tedious task. Here we provide the top 7 questions that you must ask before considering a professional sanitisation service. Let’s check out—

1. What is your overall experience?

When you choose a company, you must be aware of their experience. You should ask about their experiences in this field to make sure that they can do their work efficiently. The best thing about hiring an experienced commercial cleaning service is that they know how to complete their work with efficiency and enthusiasm. Know that if the company has working experiences with a business similar to yours and make your decision.

2. What is the efficiency of your employees?

Another important thing you should know about the company is the efficiency and skills of their employees. Besides personal testing, you can check the previous records of their works and ask them about the training of the employees so that they can meet up with all the requirements needed for your office cleaning.

3. Are your employees motivated?

A good commercial cleaning company needs to keep the employees motivated. So,everyone has to make sure the employees are well-trained as well as highly motivated to perform their work with enthusiasm.

4. Is there any insurance provided?

Ask the company before making a final deal, whether it is insured or not. It is also something to do with your protection. Make sure that the company you are going to hire has these four types of coverage, such as general liability, automobile liability, compensation for the workers, and umbrella policy. It will guarantee the protection of the company.

5. Will you send the same Sanitizer everyday or different ones?

You should ask it in the beginning whether the same cleaners will be provided for your facility.  Working with a long term cleaner makes it easy to understand the specific requirements needed for your office sanitisation. Most of the top-notch cleaning companies have experienced and skilled cleaners so that they can provide quality service when your cleaning team is not available.

6. Do you take care of the quality of service?

Know the process of quality control followed by the company you have considered to hire. Nowadays, most of the companies take the help of modern technology like apps and software to communicate with their clients. So be sure you have all the facilities to contact the company so that they can adjust the service and resolve any issues in less time.

7. Does your company follow environment-friendly approach?

It is better to look for a cleaning service that has an environment-friendly approach to work. Ask the company if they have any green cleaning program to ensure the safety and hygiene of your office. You must check how efficient they are for chemical storage, disposal, and labelling.


In The Nutshell

So if you are looking for the best sanitisation service in Gurgaon NCR, you must ask these questions before hiring and get the best services without any troubles.

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